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marvel: [has a black man walk in the background of the shot of the 6 white avengers]

marvel fandom: REPRESENTATION.

marvel fandom: DO YOU SEE THAT.

marvel fandom: DC, WHERE YOU AT.

marvel fandom: YOUR MOVE, DC.

marvel fandom: ON YOUR LEFT, DC.


you can actually see anna’s eyes screaming for help

what am i doing in this movie

the paycheck wasnt worth it

i regret this decision greatly


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i always feel so bad when people leave me nice messages and they’re like “i’m so sorry if this is creepy” like no are you serious you’re not creepy at all have you seen my blog i’m the fucking creepiest person alive

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Why are so many guys pissed about female Thor? I mean, I know these are sexists, but I thought the sexist reaction would be more like “Thor with boob, me like boob. Thor good, boob good, Thor with boob? Much good.”

The World Cup is over and here's a little recap and reason's it's worth a 4 year wait!


Pitbull was embarrassing:


Leonardo DiCaprio came in search of his “Oscar”


Croatia’s coach was hot


Spain got their assess whooped and didn’t make it past the group stage


Goal keepers were outstanding (except for Iker but we still love him tho)